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A History of Expertise

Startec's multidisciplinary team has been engineering, designing, and fabricating custom gas processing solutions since 1976. Experts in modularized packaging, our team has decades of experience in compression, natural gas processing, and heavy oil applications. Need a cold-weather solution? Check out our arctic packages.

From Concept to Market: Enabling Energy Transformations

From Concept to Market: Enabling Energy Transformations

World energy demand is growing, and alternative energies are playing an increasing role in meeting demand. Startec has that engineering, design, and fabrication ability to make your idea a reality.

Reduce Costs by Using Startec's Process Island

Our innovative concept makes onsite installation quick and headache free.

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It All Starts with An Idea

Whether you have a concept to commercialize or a design to be fabricated, Startec has the capability to transform your ideas into reality. From upfront Pre-feed and FEED, through detailed fabrication-ready design, to a fully commissioned operating system, each aspect of your project is handled by the right part at the right time. Let us show you how working with our team can maximize your project economics, lower costs, and reduce overall timelines.


Liquids & Gas Processing

Startec provides a multitude of gas processing solutions

Whatever your processing need, Startec has a solution. Whether you are processing industrial gases like helium, hydrogen or CO2, we design, engineer, and build equipment that covers every facet of gas processing.


Startec engineers, fabricates, services and retrofits a variety of compression products

With over 45 years of experience, Startec's compression packages are designed, engineered, and fabricated to meet the rigors of a myriad of applications. Our offerings include reciprocating and rotary compression dealing with high or low pressure natural gas or industrial gas applications.

Heavy Oils

Startec can help maximize the return on your heavy oil investments

Looking to optimize the value of each delivered barrel? Startec engineers and fabricates modularized designs for heavy oil applications including crude cooling, diluent recovery, and solvent recovery.

Heat Exchangers

Purpose-built solutions for your next project

Startec’s extensive line of shell and tube heat exchangers are manufactured to be purpose-fit to your application. Designed to the latest codes, our exchangers are applicable for a range of services and industries, including natural gas processing, refining, and petrochemical.

Cold Weather Solutions

Cold Weather Solutions

If your equipment operates in extreme climates, Startec can package your equipment for seamless operations in low-temperature situations. Our modularized arctic packages include internal walkways, low-temperature instrumentation, and designs focused on cold-weather operability. Our products are guaranteed to withstand the harshest environments.


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How Retrofitting this Unit Saved Our Client Over $1.5 Million

How Retrofitting this Unit Saved Our Client Over $1.5 Million

November 24, 2020

Our client needed to retrofit a surplus sour compressor to meet the specifications and operating conditions of their existing plant. They required a low-cost solution that maintained facility operations while meeting strict regulatory requirements. This can be difficult to accomplish with an older surplus unit, but Startec was able to find the best solution to this problem.

Conversations with an Expert: How the Right SCM Team Impacts the Client Experience

Conversations with an Expert: How the Right SCM Team Impacts the Client Experience

September 17, 2020

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the energy industry as it transforms to support consumer demand while adapting to market changes. Over the course of Frazer's career, SCM has earned a seat at the table when it comes to making strategic decisions for the business. It’s much more complex than the old school of thought where buyers simply issued a purchase order.

Conversations with an Expert: How Retrofitting this Plant Increased Productivity Without Extensive Downtime

Conversations with an Expert: How Retrofitting this Plant Increased Productivity Without Extensive Downtime

July 24, 2020

After reviewing the original design, as well as additions made to the plant, our team resized their existing reboiler to allow it to boil off the extra water content while maintaining the same Ethylene Glycol (EG) flow rate (heat medium). Since we did the majority of the fabrication, QC, painting, and insulation at our facility, were able to minimize the amount of time and labour spent in the field installing the modifications. The end result was our client was able to save money and at the same time, minimize the downtime of the facility to under two weeks.