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At Startec, we see renewables in all their forms playing an integral role in meeting growth in energy demand. We are engaged with various technology partners, helping them to unlock the potential of biofuels through our unique blend of engineering, design, and fabrication capabilties. Whether you are looking to turn landfill, waste products, or biomass into valuable fuels, purified biogas, or renewable fuel products or are simply looking for distribution equipment to get your products to market, Startec has the capability to make your ideas a reality.


Water purification
RNG Compression
RNG loading and dispensing systems
Biofuel facilities
Biofuel upgrading


Hydrogen is one of nature's most abundant energy carriers. While still in the early stages of adoption we are excited to partner with innovators in the development of commercial hydrogen technologies for North America. Through a hands-on collaborative process, we work with you from concept to prototype to production to deployment. Startec's team of engineering experts works with you to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy together.


Hydrogen Compression
Pressure reduction systems and dispensing
Low Carbon Solutions

Low Carbon Solutions

Together, we can bridge the way to lower carbon capture. Our team of Everyday Mavericks has extensive experience with Compressed Natural Gas, Liquified Gas, and Gas to Liquid Technologies. From design to modularization and deployment, our client partners have enjoyed the benefits of collaborating with us to scale innovative lower carbon solutions.


CNG Compression and De-pressurization
LNG facility and gasification
Gas to Liquid facility modularization
Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture forms an integral part in the overall reduction of North America's carbon footprint. Startec has deep experience with amine-based capture systems as well as the integration of fit-for-purpose capture technologies into existing facilities or infrastructure. On any given project, our team of process experts can help you assess various capture technologies and design and build a fit-for-purpose solution for your requirements. For clients looking to monetize the recovered CO2, Startec also provides processing solutions that transform captured CO2 from a cost to a revenue source.


Amine based CO2 capture
CO2 Distillation
Purification and Dehydration
CO2 Compression and pumping
Carbon Capture Process Design and Engineering
Emissions Reduction and Methane Gas Capture

Emissions Reduction and Methane Gas Capture

As a leader in gas processing, Startec has extensive expertise in the recovery and repurposing of gasses and emissions that are normally burned during flaring or emitted during operations. Whether you are looking for processing at the wellhead or at a facility, our team can engineer and fabricate an economical solution.

If you are looking to unlock your technologies using modularized solutions, we'll help you bring your big ideas for recovered gases to market. Startec's team of experts are here to work with you in the development and deployment of fit-for-purpose solutions to abate or eliminate methane venting.


Flare gas treatment
Liquids knock out
Fuel Gas Conditioning
Custom Small Scale Gas Processing Solutions
Vapour Recovery Units (VRUs)

North American Business

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