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Leaving the Competition Out in the Cold

For over 40 years, Startec has been one of the most trusted names in Industrial and Recreational refrigeration as well as Commercial HVAC.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Our industry-leading team provides dedicated on-call service 24/7 across Western Canada.

HVAC & Commercial

Reliability is Our Priority

Startec's highly trained team provides mission critical services for a complete range of HVAC/Refrigeration systems, Compressors and Control Systems including: Inventory Replacement, Expert Troubleshooting, Life Cycle Analysis and Preventative Maintenance Agreements.

Cannabis Climate Solutions

Startec designs custom HVAC solutions for commercial scale cannabis growers to effectively manage and maintain expert climate control conditions.

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Cannabis Climate Solutions - Acreage Pharms


Startec maintains an extensive parts inventory. If a critical piece of equipment breaks down, we likely have the right part in stock ready for immediate replacement, eliminating downtime waiting for shipments to arrive.

Commercial Service Expert Troubleshooting

Expert Troubleshooting

The industry's most knowledgeable and experienced service team provides 24/7 HVAC/Refrigeration service, diagnosing and correcting operational issues in Commercial HVAC and complex Refrigeration multi-stage systems.

Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis

Startec covers the complete HVAC and Refrigeration system lifecycle, from initial design to ongoing service for projects including new facilities, plant expansion, heat recovery systems, freon system replacement and more.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Long-term service agreements maximize your operating reliability and equipment longevity. We regularly monitor critical systems, review equipment performance concerns with operating and maintenance staff, perform routine maintenance, and provide recommendations on safety and optimization issues.


We Take Ice Seriously

Startec refrigeration systems have created platforms for recreation, entertainment and competition at all levels from small town arenas to Olympic luge and bobsled tracks.

New Arena Design & Construction

New Arena Design & Construction

Startec is Alberta's most experienced company in the design, engineering and construction of new recreational ice plants. For more than 40 years, we've been providing complete service solutions for hockey, curling and skating rinks across Alberta.

We select equipment that delivers reliable performance with low operating and maintenance costs. Utilizing our Real Recovery Analysis process, we engineer facilities for optimum energy efficiency. We design heat recovery systems that redeploy waste heat in a facility without over-inflating the capital budget.

Portable Ice Surfaces

Portable Ice Surfaces

Startec's portable ice projects can reach Olympian heights. We installed, commissioned and maintained the temporary ice surface and compression plant for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Calgary XV Olympic Winter Games at McMahon Stadium.

Recreational Service Expert Troubleshooting

Expert Troubleshooting

We diagnose and correct operational issues that arise in recreational ice systems including:

  • Emergency Response - for critical equipment failure or other emergencies.
  • Start-Up - Carry out system start-up protocols and test the performance of all equipment for trouble-free operation.
  • Equipment Operation Training - We train non-technical staff and volunteers for safe, effective, no-hassle operation.
  • Routine Maintenance - on all recreational ice systems.
  • Shut Down - Inspect all equipment and perform essential shut-down procedures to protect equipment condition.
  • Long-Range Planning - Monitor equipment condition and advise you when it is time to budget for replacement.
Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Startec's Preventative Maintenance Agreements are a cost effective way for you to maintain your facility, maximize operating reliability and extend the service life of your equipment. Clients with agreements enjoy the benefits of a reduced service rate, and priority response status should any equipment malfunction.

During maintenance we monitor critical systems, review any equipment performance concerns with operating and maintenance staff, perform routine maintenance and provide recommendations on any safety or optimization issues.


Freezing Your Most Important Assets

Startec is a trusted partner for companies that utilize industrial refrigeration systems undertaking projects that include: ground freezing for a potash operation, an environmental portable freezing solution for a northern gold mine, managing the refrigeration maintenance of a large beef processing plant, and expansion projects for the world's largest cold storage network.

Facility Expansion

Facility Expansion

We have led the engineering, design and construction on many large-scale and technically demanding refrigeration facilities. Whether you're expanding a current operation or developing a new facility, Startec will expertly guide you through the entire design-build process from initial planning through to commencing operations.

Drawing on decades of experience, we can quickly identify the most viable equipment options and advise you on which systems will provide the most reliable operation and lowest cost of ownership.

Freon System Replacement

Freon System Replacement

As part of international agreements to eliminate ozone damaging greenhouse gases, the widely used refrigerant, Freon 22, is being phased out of production with a full ban taking effect in 2020.

Industry analysts forecast increased demand for ammonia refrigeration systems that not only command a significant operational cost advantage over Freon equipment, but are also ozone friendly.

With more than 30 years of specialization in the servicing, design and construction of ammonia systems, Startec is uniquely qualified to guide you through the transition process to this lower-cost, eco-friendly alternative.

CO2 Refrigeration

CO2 Refrigeration

Food processors and distributors are under constant pressure to produce more while spending less on operations. For plant owners looking for greener and more efficient secondary refrigerants, a carbon dioxide (CO2)/ammonia (NH3) cascade system is a viable option.

In addition to providing 0 ozone depletion potential (ODP) and 1 global warming potential (GWP), CO2/NH3 cascade systems offer several benefits for food processing and low-temp distribution facilities including lower operating costs, lower capital costs, ammonia charge reduction, reduced compliance cost, constant positive system pressure and quality and throughput improvements.

Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

Energy efficiency is a key issue for every facility where new refrigeration equipment is installed. Recent developments in heat recovery systems offer the potential for reducing energy bills. Waste heat can be harnessed to:

  • Provide warmth to other areas of a facility
  • Preheat cold water before it enters the water heating system
  • Heat snow melt pits in ice arenas

To ensure every facility we design strikes the optimum balance between low capital and operating costs, we perform an in-depth Real Recovery Analysis prior to recommending the installation of any heat recovery system.

We'll provide you with clear and detailed heat recovery recommendations so your facility will be the most environmentally responsible and cost-effective to build and operate.

Finding a Better Way

Startec has led the engineering, design and construction of many of the largest and most technically demanding refrigeration facilities in Western Canada. Our projects encompass a wide range of industries from supermarkets and commercial office space to oil & gas, industrial and food service.

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Lethbridge Enmax Centre Refrigeration Plant

Lethbridge Enmax Centre Refrigeration Plant Service

Home of the Lethbridge Hurricanes and epicenter of all things entertainment, the Enmax Centre called on our team to help them remove ammonia from the arena building, reduce the overall ammonia charge, increase capacity of the refrigeration plant by 20 percent, and provide redundancy for major equipment to reduce downtime. Known for our innovative ways, the Everyday Mavericks mapped out a plan to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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Wing's Fine Foods

Wing's Fine Foods Service

Well known for their delicious Chinese food with a unique twist, Wing’s Fine Foods currently runs two state-of-the-art plants; one in Toronto and the other in Edmonton. With over 275 employees and a capacity to produce over 10 million units per day, Wing’s got in touch with Startec Service to partner in developing a new, environmentally friendly cold storage expansion.

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Fernie Memorial Arena

Fernie Memorial Arena Service

Home of the Fernie Ghostriders, the Fernie Memorial Arena is a recreational ice rink located in Fernie, B.C. The facility was in need of a new system following a tragic incident.* The City of Fernie required a system that would meet their design criteria, provide low environmental impact while significantly decreasing any operational risk factors to facility staff and the wider public.

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