Startec Cannabis Climate Control Systems

With the launch of the new global Cannabis market (both recreational and medicinal), uptime and product quality are of paramount importance to market share success and business growth.

Startec and their team of Everyday Mavericks are the perfect HVAC climate control partners for commercial Cannabis growers across Alberta and British Columbia.

Proven experts in customised HVAC solutions, Startec provides the Cannabis industry with a wealth of medium (10,000 Sq. Ft.) to large-scale (750,000 Sq. Ft.) experience in the designing, engineering, and construction of industrial climate control systems.

Startec is QMS certified and have a team of industry-leading service technicians with knowledge and expertise across all forms of industrial refrigeration – making them undoubtedly qualified to provide the skills and services required for Cannabis facilities across Western Canada.

Through intelligent invention and measured thinking, Startec works tirelessly to provide HVAC solutions that:

  • utilize ambient conditions for supplemental cooling
  • allow multiple customisable growing environments
  • optimize system efficiency and reduce operational costs
  • create low charge Ammonia systems with risk management strategies
  • have a 20% better environmental footprint compared to many other HVAC systems in the market
  • provide zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential
  • minimize the risk of downtime and crop loss due to climate fluctuation
  • produce climate control data to help maximise growing conditions and exploit crop yield
  • offer the ability to perform maintenance without interfering with crop cycles
  • supply low cost of ownership with a service life of 20 years

Whatever your growing needs, you can be assured that Startec has previously designed and engineered similar solutions and can help you through the process of developing the right HVAC climate control system for your Cannabis facility.

Startec Competitive Advantage

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

Well suited to the technical challenges of designing large scale, industrial HVAC applications.



Have the local capacity and capability to construct large scale facilities on time and on budget.

Integrated Package

Integrated Package

Vertically integrated, enabling Startec to not only construct the facility, but provide ongoing support and maintenance as required to keep the facility running optimally.

Contact our industry-leading team now to get a quote or more information about how Startec can help grow your commercial Cannabis business better.

The Legalization of Cannabis is Spreading Globally

Project Profile: Acreage Pharms

Working collaboratively with Acreage Pharms, the Startec team designed and built a custom, industrial HVAC solution for their 40,000 sq. ft. production facility.

The Client Challenge

Acreage Pharms Ltd. is a licensed producer of cannabis for the medical market under Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR). However, with the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the company was looking to expand and construct a state-of-the-art production facility in time to meet expected consumer demand, both locally and internationally.

Acreage Pharms Project

Project Details

Facility Size:
Phase 2: 40,000 sq. ft
Phase 3: 140,000 sq. ft
Industrial-grade, low charge Ammonia system utilized

The system employs multiple redundancies, minimizing the likelihood of downtime and maximizing the efficiency of maintenance.

The proprietary cooling approach takes advantage of ambient conditions to maximize the efficiency of the cooling system.

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"Darryl had recommended the Startec team to me at a time when I was in great need of an expert HVAC system provider. We needed a supplier who could help Acreage Pharms efficiently and effectively expand our Cannabis facility. Time was also of the essence as we needed to design and implement the business expansion within a short period to meet the high customer demand following the Cannabis Act coming into effect.

The team at Startec were able to be nimble and innovative right off the bat. With their collaborative approach, we were able to create a custom system that met our needs and was ready for operation within our time constraints.

It was an easy and stress-free experience to work with Startec, and within minutes of working with them, it was clear they knew what they were doing and how to provide us with the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. I would highly recommend Startec as a top HVAC solutions provider."

Harmen Bangma, Construction and Maintenance Project Manager

Start your project today and find a better way.

Startec has led the engineering, design, and construction of many of the most extensive and most technically demanding refrigeration facilities in Western Canada.

Now the Everyday Maverick team at Startec are taking on the Cannabis industry, providing customised, right-fit solutions across a variety of grower facility sizes and types.

The Startec team are proven commercial-scale climate control experts, here to help you grow better.

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