Crowsnest Sports Complex Ice Plant


Client Challenge

Our clients faced surmounting issues with a plant that was no longer up to code, and impossible to fix or maintain due to space constraints. They needed a safe refrigeration system for its operators and the general public, which would be easier to control, and could be easily moved should the municipality construct a new arena in the future.

 Startec Solution

Our Everyday Mavericks started working on a solution our client was happy to put in motion, resulting in a more operable, energy efficient, safe, and reliable mobile ice plant. Our design increased capacity by 15 percent, while being approximately 20 percent more energy efficient with the use of Mycom M compressors and more compact plate-and-frame chiller.

We moved the ammonia charge away from the public by creating an ice plant building outside the arena, complete with the condenser and stand mounted on the skid for a true drop-in turnkey solution. This separated building provides safety to anyone at the arena and resulted in a 40 percent reduction in overall ammonia charge.

Startec included an additional chiller for both the ice and curling arenas leading to better operability, facility scheduling, temperature control and ice making. Thinking beyond our client’s current needs, this design also leaves additional compressor space for another 30 percent capacity, should it be required in the future. 

Equipment Provided:

  • Two (2) Mycom M Series Compressor Packages 
  • One (1) BAC Evaporative Condenser
  • Two (2) Alfa Laval Plate and Frame Chillers w/ U-Turns
  • One (1) Underfloor brine heater
  • One (1) Non-chemical water treatment system
  • One (1) Motor Control Centre
  • One (1) DDC Control Panel

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