Lethbridge Enmax Centre Refrigeration Plant


The Client Challenge

Home of the Lethbridge Hurricanes and epicenter of all things entertainment, the Enmax Centre called on our team to help them remove ammonia from the arena building, reduce the overall ammonia charge, increase capacity of the refrigeration plant by 20 percent, and provide redundancy for major equipment to reduce downtime. Known for our innovative ways, the Everyday Mavericks mapped out a plan to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

The Startec Solution

First, we upgraded the chiller from a shell and tube to two (2) flooded plate and frames, increasing the overall plant efficiency, making access easier for future servicing, and resulting in a smaller skid package. As well, plate and frame requires much less space than shell and tube, leaving more room for the Enmax Centre to utilize their space.

Our plan also reduced the overall ammonia charge by 30 percent, and increased plant capacity by 20 percent as requested. By providing two (2) chilled pumps we achieved 100 percent redundancy, eliminating the risk of downtime due to pump reliability & maintenance at the plant. Registered with ABSA and in full compliance of the B52 code, this project was designed, fabricated, and commissioned on-site under budget and before our scheduled deadline.  

Equipment Provided

Two (2) – Mycom M Series Compressors with Mypro Controllers and Benshaw Soft-starts
One (1) – BAC Evaporative Condenser
Two (2) – Armstrong Brine Pumps complete with VFD’s
One (1) – Doucette dual walled Heat Exchanger
Two (2) – Alfa Laval Plate and Frame Exchanger
One (1) – Motor control center
One (1)  - TSE Control Panel

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