Wing's Fine Foods


Well known for their delicious Chinese food with a unique twist, Wing’s Fine Foods currently runs two state-of-the-art plants; one in Toronto and the other in Edmonton. With over 275 employees and a capacity to produce over 10 million units per day, Wing’s got in touch with Startec Service to partner in developing a new, environmentally friendly cold storage expansion.

This project challenged our Everyday Mavericks, who became excited at the chance to collaboratively create a better solution, eventually delivering a customized, integrated system that maintains a low footprint.

To accomplish this, our team began with an investigative approach to better understand the number of systems required to support their Edmonton plant, which would result in keeping their environmental impact low. After a detailed engineered study, our Mavericks creates a system capable of 29 tons of refrigeration, with multiple medium and low temperature systems to deliver the ultimate solution.

As always, Startec’s team used only the best products from Keeprite, along with the new R-448A refrigerant to deliver the job with maximum quality. This enabled our Mavericks to optimize the system, utilizing Keeprite’s environmental features which provide one of the lowest global warming potentials on the market today. 

To take it a step further, our Everyday Mavericks strategized the best way to implement multiple systems for maximum efficiency by placing:

  • Medium temperature systems inside the plant
  • Low temperature systems outside the plant

To ensure the system remains fully operational all year round, Startec used Sporlan products to provide the system’s pressure regulation and metering capabilities – especially helpful in Alberta’s cold winter climate. 

Overall Project Deliverables include:

  • 71,400 cubic feet of additional low temperature freezer storage space
  • 21,120 cubic feet of additional medium temperature cooler storage space
  • High quality products from Keeprite and Sporlan
  • ASHRAE and ABSA piping installation

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