Ammonia Safety Days

March 22, 2023

Topics and Exercises:

  • Physiological effects of ammonia on the body
  • Chemical and physical properties of ammonia
  • The future of green and blue ammonia
  • Integrating Industrial response with public safety command
  • Value of prevention, protection, and preparedness
  • Understand hazards, mitigate risks, and prepare for threats
  • Evacuation, decontamination, and medical care
  • Lessons learned from accidents and emergency events
  • Value and use of chemical protective clothing and equipment

Who Should Attend? Those who respond to, regulate or work with ammonia, including all Emergency Managers.  
What will you get? Lunch and a certificate of completion.  

Dates & Locations:
March 27th, 2023: Edmonton Alberta
March 28th, 2023: Lloydminster Alberta
March 30
th, 2023: Lethbridge Alberta
March 31
st, 2023: Calgary Alberta  

Cost: $100 per attendee  

Register at: and search Ammonia Safety Day. If you are having problems registering, please contact Kayla Moore, 831.455.6549 or Send Email