Compression & Process

Our client, a mobile distributor of Renewable Natural Gas across North America through their fleet of trailers, serves customers in remote locations and provides access to lower-carbon energy solutions.

The client’s team came to Startec with a design for their Renewable Natural Gas pressure-reducing packages, seeking our expertise to fabricate, assemble, and deploy several units across North America, to support their growing renewable natural gas distribution network.

With close collaboration between our client and our engineering and design groups, our Everyday Mavericks were able to identify improvements to streamline fabrication and assembly. This resulted in improved build efficiency. These time savings were realized during the build when unforeseen issues came up that were quickly resolved by our nimble crew and the units were delivered reliably to spec on time and within budget.

Our innovative and entrepreneurial customers count on us for proven results toward their advances in North America’s lower carbon energy transformation.

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