Seven Generations Hydrocarbon Dew Point Plants

Compression & Process

Lator (2x100 MMSCFD)
Cutbank (2x125 MMSCFD)

South Grande Prairie, AB

Startec provided an innovative alternate design to that originally conceived by the engineering company. Both projects were delivered earlier than originally scheduled — Lator with a 1.2% change from the original price, Cutbank with a 7.3% change due to increasing the plant from 100 to 125 MMSCFD.

Basic Description of Equipment Provided
  • Two (2) Process Skids
    • Process Skid “A” includes: Gas Chiller, Glycol Regeneration with pumps and filters.
    • Process Skid “B” includes: De-Ethanizer Reboiler, De-Ethanizer Feed Separator, Sub-cooler and Propane Filter.
  • One (1) Refrigeration Compression Skid includes two (2) Howden model XRV-204-193, 500hp c/w two (2) Suction Scrubbers and Oil System
  • Shipped loose and mounted off-skid:
    • One (1) 48” ID X 360” S/S Propane Accumulator
    • One (1) Gas-Gas heat exchanger
    • One (1) Gas-Liquid heat exchanger
    • One (1) 66” OD X 360” S/S Low Temperature Separator
    • One (1) De-Ethanizer Tower with O-H spools
    • One (1) Glycol/NGL Product Air Cooler
    • One (1) Propane Condenser Air Cooler

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