How Retrofitting this Unit Saved Our Client Over $1.5 Million

November 24, 2020

Eric, what was the problem our client was facing?

Our client needed to retrofit a surplus sour compressor to meet the specifications and operating conditions of their existing plant. They required a low-cost solution that maintained facility operations while meeting strict regulatory requirements. This can be difficult to accomplish with an older surplus unit, but Startec was able to find the best solution to this problem.

How could Startec help?

Startec provided a compressor retrofit, including new spools. We also provided new instrumentation and reset PSVs to ensure the unit would function once it was up and running on site. We knew it was important to include compressor servicing, spooling, process electrical, instrumentation, control panel installation, equipment inspections, technical support, and troubleshooting services too.

What was the result for our client?

The surplus sour compressor can now be used as vapour recovery unit (VRU) to fit the existing plant and maintain facility operation. By choosing to retrofit this surplus equipment with Startec, our client saved roughly $1.5 million, relative to purchasing a new unit. In tight economic times, retrofitting existing equipment is an option to get the best value out of your capital expenditure.