Cargill Beef Processing Plant


Refrigeration – Industrial

High River, Alberta

Startec is an important contributor to the success of the Cargill Meat Solutions plant in High River, Alberta. Over the past 15 years, we’ve managed the maintenance of sophisticated refrigeration systems and led two successful expansion projects, which more than doubled the capacity of the integrated beef processing facility.

Slower Chill, Higher Quality

In expanding the facility, Startec recommended new equipment to meet Cargill's goal to further enhance product quality. We equipped the facility with a new chill cooler system to reduce the amount of temperature-related shrinkage, and yield a higher grade of beef products.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Startec has also increased the energy efficiency of the plant by designing and installing a heat recovery system. Waste heat generated by compression equipment is now captured by a plate and frame heat exchanger and used to pre-heat water for the plant's boiler system.

Serving Domestic & Export Markets

Cargill's High River facility has 2,000 employees and processes 4,500 head of cattle every day. The plant supplies both retail and food service channels in domestic and export markets.

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