CMC Research Project Profile


Project Objective

The CMC Research Institute required the installation a refrigeration system capable of maintaining the CO2 of their CaMI’s Field Research Station (FRS) at a safe working pressure.

Client’s Needs

The mission of the CMC Research Institute is to support the advancement of technologies to reduce carbon emissions in large-scale industry. They move in the space between bench-scale research and commercialization, helping innovators scale-up and prove their carbon capture, conversion and storage technologies. Their goal is to move technologies closer to market, thereby growing the Canadian economy, increasing Canada’s competitiveness in world markets, and creating a low carbon future.

The CMC Resarch Institute provides facilities to field test, develop and demonstrate early-stage technologies. Offering access to scientists, engineers and technologists who work with clients to solve design and process challenges encountered as technologies are scaled up. The CaMI Field Research Station (FRS) provided a unique opportunity to develop, refine and calibrate monitoring technologies and map out integrated monitoring systems.

Challenge & Solution

The project originally had an install period of 3 weeks.  Once the winter months came upon us we found complications arising from the condensing unit operating in -40 temperatures. 


Our team of Everyday Mavericks always believes there is a better way to approach customers’ unique needs with customized solutions. Startec engineered and installed low ambient controls in order to allow the equipment to perform under those intense conditions.  The installation period of this solution was 1 week, delivering well ahead of the original timeline.


Refrigeration System Specs


Startec goes above and beyond to ensure every design is infused with accuracy and urgency. The design of this refrigeration system was set up to operate year-round in all ambient conditions utilizing R-404 refrigerant.  Pressure and flow sensors were installed in several locations throughout the refrigeration system so that all aspects could be closely monitored and controlled. 


The R-404 refrigerant passes through a heat exchanger along with the CO2.  By doing this we can safely control the pressure at which the CO2 is kept at.  This is a mission-critical system, as without pressure control the CO2 tank would over-pressurize causing a safety valve release and loss of the CO2 charge.  

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