Freson Bros Produce and Healthy Foods Store Upgrade


Brooks, AB

Freson Brothers is the largest family-owned independent grocery chain in Alberta. When planning a new Healthy Foods section in their Brooks store, they called Startec. The project scope included rearranging the existing produce display line up, plus the addition of one dairy case and one freezer case. Since the existing line up was entirely comprised of produce coolers, we designed and installed a new “low temp” freezer system to accommodate the new freezer case.  


We began with a full-load calculation of the existing store compared to the capacity of the existing multi-plex (refrigeration rack) system. Ensured we had enough capacity to add the additional freezer system, we mapped out a new piping run, location for tapping into headers, and a defrost schedule. Since this store utilized a three-pipe, reverse flow, hot gas defrost system, additional piping was required.  
Once all load calculations and pipe sizing were confirmed, we decommissioned and removed the existing line-up. The existing cases were rearranged and reinstalled with drains and electrical included. Once completed, we added the new cooler case to the line up and brought the entire produce line up back on line.  


Turning our attention to the new freezer system, we ran new piping overhead throughout the back area and ceiling space of the store with a drop down to the new case. We tapped into the existing headers and installed new automated regulators and solenoid valves to control both the pressures and defrost functionality. We then installed all the control wiring and completed the programming into the store interface computer.  
The new freezer case was brought online and tested for proper temperature and defrost settings. After 24-hours of successful run time, the case was turned over to the store for merchandising.  

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