Olymel Pork Production Plant


Refrigeration – Industrial

Red Deer, Alberta

Startec has played major role in the creation and operation of Western Canada's largest pork processing facility. In 2005, we led the design and construction of a major expansion project that doubled the capacity of Olymel's Red Deer pork processing plant. The facility can now process up to 18,000 hogs per day.

No Production Interruptions

Startec built the new section while Olymel maintained normal production levels in the existing facility. During construction there were no production interruptions.

Integration with Legacy Systems

This was a significant accomplishment, since the refrigeration system for the expansion was integrated with two legacy systems that provided cooling for older parts of the facility.

International Customer Base

Pork products from Olymel's Red Deer facility are sold throughout Canada and exported to the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

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