Penhold New Arena Design and Construction


Refrigeration – Recreational

Penhold, Alberta

Startec has equipped the Penhold Regional Multiplex with the optimal level of cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. The Town of Penhold commissioned us to design the ice plant for the new building, which includes a hockey arena, library, fitness club and other community facilities.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

In the design phase we conducted a thorough review of the facility's requirements, including a Real Recovery Analysis to identify saving opportunities for capturing and redeploying waste heat.

Designed for Future Expansion

Startec designed the ice plant capacity to accommodate the single ice surface in the first phase of the project, plus an additional hockey rink planned for the future.

High-Efficiency Compressor

After an exhaustive review of compressor options, we recommended a new generation of high-efficiency equipment. Although more expensive to purchase than a conventional compressor, the high-efficiency unit delivers impressive operational savings. It requires 13% less electricity to operate, and because it needs significantly less frequent overhauls, the high-efficiency compressor reduces annual maintenance costs by 37%. Based on our analysis, the client selected the high-efficiency compressor option.

Thorough Review of Capital & Operating Costs

Startec also assessed a variety of chiller-heat exchanger options. These systems keep the ice surface frozen and allow for waste heat to be captured and redeployed in other parts of a facility.

In our review we looked at initial capital costs and a host of operating factors including heat recovery capacity, maintenance costs, part replacement schedules and power consumption.

Redeploying Waste Heat

Based on the client's objectives we designed a system with high reliability, low maintenance, reasonable capital cost, and sufficient heat capture capacity to run the snow melt pit and pre-heat water for showers and ice resurfacing.

Project Highlights
  • Optimum balance achieved between capital & operating costs
  • Waste heat recaptured to run snow melt pit and pre-heat water for showers and ice resurfacing
  • 13% lower power consumption (high-efficiency compressor)
  • 37% lower maintenance costs (high-efficiency compressor)

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