Sobeys Rockyview Distribution Center


Rockyview, AB

Crossdock Refrigeration System

Sobeys Inc. is Canada’s second largest food retailer with approximately 1,500 stores under retail banners that include Sobeys, Safeway, IGA, Foodland and Thrifty Foods. Startec was contracted to install a new Crossdock Refrigeration system in Sobeys newly acquired Rockyview Distribution Center. Despite a short timeline, Startec executed the project flawlessly and completed the project on time and budget.


By offering alternative design, product, and supplier ideas for consideration we were able to save Sobeys 15% in costs upfront and during the procurement portion of the project. The redesigning of the ducting system for the evaporators also provided substantial savings.
This project was not only exciting and fast paced, but we gained the trust of Sobeys during the process which strengthened our relationship.

  • 260 Tons of Refrigeration
  • 7000 LBS of Ammonia
  • 500 HP of Vilter Compressors
  • 4 Evaporators with Hot Gas condensation returning to the Liquid line
  • 4 Vessels (HPR 276” x 66”, Suction Accumulator 144” x 84”, Dump Vessel and Anhydrator)
    *All but Anhydrator designed and fabricated by Startec Construction Ltd.
  • Refrigerated portion square footage 10,000 ft2
  • Infrastructure for eventual 1200 TR Direct Expansion system installed in this project
  • Duration of 5 months
  • Current Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Services Contract with Startec
  • Contract total: $3 Million Approx.

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