The Future of Startec

July 18, 2023

A New Future for Startec:

At Startec, we are excited to unveil the next phase of our journey. Joel Cawthorn, who’s been with Startec for more than 30 years and has been leading Startec Refrigeration Services as President for the past 15 years, is evolving his role within the organization. He has transitioned to our Board of Directors, where he will continue to provide insight and support in shaping Startec’s strategic direction.

This transition has opened up opportunities for the promotion of two exceptional professionals, Gord Kelly and Neil Eastwood. Gord has been promoted to the role of President for Startec Services, while Neil has assumed the position of Vice President, Projects for Startec Services. The management team under Keith Nutting, President, Startec C&P, remains the same.

To enhance our organizational unity and leadership, we have introduced a new CEO position for the Startec Group of Companies. Kristi Cawthorn has been promoted to this role, as she continues to guide the organization.


A Message from Joel: 

"During my tenure as President of Startec Refrigeration Services, I have fostered a collaborative environment within the Service team, resulting in numerous remarkable projects and successes. These achievements include the establishment and growth of our commercial HVAC division, the development of our Everyday Mavericks culture, and the formation of a high-performing team of driven professionals. In my new role on the Startec Board of Directors, I will continue to leverage the Everyday Mavericks mindset, providing guidance and insight."

"After spending over 30 years at Startec and reaching a milestone age of 55, I am eager to transition to our Board of Directors, allowing me time and space to explore other opportunities and interests. Startec has been my lifelong career, and while embarking on a new chapter, I will remain a passionate ambassador for the company. I will deeply miss the daily interactions with the remarkable individuals at Startec who have played a significant role in my life."

"Our plans for this change have been in progress for some time now. With our dynamic growth and robust backlog, the timing feels right to make this move. I have full confidence in Gord, Neil, and our leadership team to lead us towards becoming one of the most respected and successful providers of refrigeration and industrial HVAC services in Western Canada. By prioritizing our people and ensuring customer satisfaction, I am excited to witness the accomplishments our team will achieve."

We express our gratitude to Joel for his exceptional contributions and leadership, and we're excited about what the future has in store for him!

A New Direction: Startec United:

In addition to the change in Service leadership, Startec is embarking on a path of unification. While the companies will maintain their independent operations, our new structure will foster greater alignment, cohesiveness, and opportunities for collaboration.

As CEO of the Startec Group of Companies, Kristi will spearhead our efforts to achieve long-term unity for our success.

"Joel has been an integral part of our success and our culture at Startec, and I am immensely grateful for his contributions in establishing Startec Service. I look forward to working together with him at the board level as we guide our future strategies,” says Kristi.

"I am thrilled to assume this new role, which will enable me to work more closely with Startec Service and Corporate Services. By fostering collaboration among our teams, we can envision an even more exciting future. Joel and I both recognize that our culture, driven by the Everyday Maverick mindset, is one of our greatest strengths, and we will continue to prioritize and build upon it. Embracing growth, change, and challenges has always been key to our success, and I am confident that by working together and creating new opportunities, we will reach new heights."

At Startec, we are delighted to share this news. These changes mark significant strides for our organization as we refine and strengthen our offerings for our clients. We eagerly anticipate the journey ahead!