Welcome to the Startec Shepard Shop

October 24, 2018

We would like to thank everyone who attended our Shepard Shop Grand Opening. It was truly a fantastic evening and we were grateful to be able to bring together an amazing group of industry mavericks to help us celebrate the innovative spirit of Startec at our new shop location.

On October 4, 2018, Startec Compression & Process launched their ground-breaking 102,000 sq. ft. property to a group of 200 Everyday Maverick industry influencers. The event was a celebration of Startec’s unwavering maverick spirit and their unique and innovative way of thinking which has become their trademark when it comes to delivery and service. 

Guests were invited to be inspired as they were led through the gigantic shop space, walking amongst the impressive compression and process equipment, getting an exclusive look at the wide range of custom-built solutions and services that Startec provides. 

Here are a few hard and fast facts to know about the new shop: 

  • 85,000 sq. ft. shop space
  • 150 tons of crane lifting capacity - one of the highest lifting capabilities in Calgary allowing the packaging of multi-layered modules under one roof
  • 39-foot underhook height
  • 16 acres of property
  • 2.5 times more capacity than previous Startec shops, all under one roof
  • Increased cost efficiencies allowing a lower price for the same superior quality
  • Ability to build large-vessels in-house, providing better value and more control over quality/schedule
  • New product lines:
    • A full range of amine plants
    • Vapour Recovery Systems
    • Design and fabricate pipe rack modules
    • Announcing the addition of Frick compressor Line
    • Heavy vessel production and packaging up to 10ft in diameter and 2.5” thick

Along the way, guests were surprised and delighted with a range of innovative food and beverage stalls. Here they were given the opportunity to craft their own gourmet experience, mixing and matching unique flavours and ingredients to create their ultimate bite.  

Guests were also treated with an array of dazzling and awe-inspiring performances which took them on a journey to dare to take things to the next level, to climb higher, burn brighter and take the leap further than others can even dream – proving that the sky’s the limit when you embrace the maverick way.

“We were extremely proud to have our Everyday Maverick industry leaders visit our new Shepard Shop facility and thrilled to be able to showcase the opportunities and growth planned for the coming years,” says Kristi Cawthorn, Startec CEO of Compression and Process. 

“The move into this new space is about innovating the way that we do business and highlights our belief in examining and challenging the status-quo to find a better way. Startec is ready to expand in order to better serve our customers and to continue to exceed expectations”.  

One of a handful of manufacturing spaces located in Calgary, the Shepard Shop facility, provides Startec with the opportunity to truly outshine their competitors and to consistently deliver greatness to their customers.