Covid-Specific HVAC Offering Increases Filtration Levels & Minimizes Droplet Transmission

April 15, 2020

What We Know About COVID
What we have learned that the COVID-19 illness causes serious complications for a higher risk demographic.  These include older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes – according to the CDC.  (Center of Disease Control).  We also know that the disease is transmitted through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.

What We’re Doing to Stay Safe
We’ve made the necessary changes to our day-to-day business in compliance with the Federal and Provincial Government guidelines, along with the publicly announced CDC publishings. We have closed our offices to the public and have ensured that any remotely capable employee is set up to work from their home residence. 

We encourage all people to continue to wash your hands often, stay home whenever possible, cover your mouth and nose with a face cover while around others, and to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Along with practicing proper social distancing when in public.          

How We Can Help
Given that the transmission of this disease is primarily through respiratory droplets, the ability of high-volume air-born transmission is a lower threat than physical contact. According to the World Health Organization, this disease is not actually air-born in any specific way. Nor is it affected by hot, cold, humid, or dry weather. This is because the transmitting factor is the respiratory particles traveling on the air – not the air itself.  

With that being said, we have developed a plan to provide our customers with an option to increase their filtration levels. This is specifically driven towards the capture and removal of those particles. After researching the factors using the latest ASHRAE literature, and corresponding with LD Filtration, we concluded that a filter rating of at least a MERV 15 rating will properly capture respiratory droplets containing the COVID-19 virus. 

These filters comply with what is currently being used under most health care guidelines and complies with ASHRAE 170 (Filtration Guidelines in Medical or Pharmaceutical Applications).  

Large Filter Selection
Considering the information that we’ve discovered we have now sourced and priced a MERV 15 filter that comes in a 2” filter body. This type of filter can be utilized in most AHU (air handling unit) applications. We have also sourced these filters in a variety of sizes. In effort to open our offerings to the overall public, we have built special pricing strategies outside of our normal rates which we would like to offer. 

Each system (and customer) will have their own individual requirements depending on their individual specifications. And we have developed a strategy around ensuring that any transmitting of COVID particles will be eliminated from passing through your air handling system which can be tailor made to fit your specific needs.  

Determine Your Filtration Needs
Before investing in filters, determine how many AHU’s you have, how many filters they require as well as their size. Ask yourself how frequently you are replacing your filters now, and what the purpose is for the space your AHU is controlling.  

For more information on how our Filtration Strategy can be implemented into your building mechanical systems please call Simon Hawke at 403-875-5464. And from all of us to all of you – please stay safe, and, keep innovating.