12,000 bbl/d Condensate Stabilizer Package

Compression & Process

Startec fully designed and fabricated this packaged stabilization skid complete with standalone tower. Always considering the better way, provisions were made to allow the addition of a second reboiler within the package should the client have higher demands in the future. This thoughtful design means our client has less to consider in the future. Aside from the standalone tower, all equipment was mounted on-skid within the building.

Description of Equipment Provided:

  • (1) Shell and tube feed/bottoms exchanger, 12.75” OD
  • (1) Shell and tube reboiler, BKU type, 65” ID
  • (1) Stabilizer feed drum c/w boot and mesh pad, 8’ ID x 20’ LG, internally coated
  • (1) E96-2-28 model air-cooled exchanger
  • (1) Stabilizer tower c/w bubble trays, 48” ID x 59’ 6” S/S

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