Gas Processing Facility (100 MMSCFD Mechanical Refrigeration Unit)

Compression & Process

As the heart of a liquids recovery plant, the mechanical refrigeration unit requires thorough custom design and dedicated attention during its creation.

Because real solutions to our clients’ needs do not come prepackaged, working closely with the engineering and design team through the bid process and onward, Startec’s Everyday Mavericks used our proven standardized building blocks to provide cost-effective designs while modifying packages to meet the client’s unique specifications and operational requirements. 

Looking for an even better way, the packages were modularized with as much in-shop packaging, buildings and electrical wiring as possible to minimize fieldwork. By collaborating with the client and listening to their wants and needs throughout the process, Startec was able to successfully provide a safe, operable, maintenance-friendly design on time and on budget. 


100 MMSCFD Liquids Recovery Plant consisting of:

  • One (1) ethylene glycol regen process skid c/w inlet filter coalescer, a flash tank, regenerator reboiler/surge, lean/rich exchanger, still column, injection pumps, filters in a shop-erected building.
  • One (1) de-ethanizer skid c/w feed drum, reboiler HEX, in a shop-erected building.
  • Shipped loose:
    • De-ethanizer tower and product cooler.
  • One (1) process heat exchanger skid shop-erected c/w gas/gas exchanger, gas-liquid exchanger, and process gas chiller.
  • Shipped loose:
    • Low-temperature separator c/w platform and instrumentation. 
  • One (1) refrigeration compression skid c/w two (2) x 1850HP EMD propane screw compressors each with oil separators, lube and cooling system, control panels in a shop-erected building.                
  • One (1) common suction scrubber, economizer, sub-cooler skid.
  • One (1) accumulator skid with propane dryers. 
  • Shipped loose:
    • Refrigerant aerial condensers.

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