Hydrocarbon Liquids Recovery Plants and Fractionation Facility

Compression & Process

Townsend (198 MMSCFD)

North Fort St. John, BC

When Startec first became involved, the project was behind schedule and without a selected engineering company. In short order, we completed a process simulation for the entire facility from inlet separator through to sales. Working with the EPC, Startec was involved in the detailed design beyond our scope. Following an aggressive timeline, all expected delivery dates were successfully met or exceeded. Total change orders were less than 1.5% of the original contract value.

Basic Description of Equipment Provided
  • Two (2) Process Skids including Gas Chiller, De-Ethanizer Reboiler and Ethylene Glycol Regen System
  • Two (2) Common Suction Scrubber /Economizer / Subcooler Skids
  • Two (2) Refrigeration Skids each c/w (2) x 50% Economized Refrigeration Compressor Packages each c/w 1,450Hp EMD, Howden WRVi 321-165-5.8 compressors and individual oil separator
  • Two (2) Accumulator Skids
  • One (1) De-Butanizer Fractionation Process Skid, including De-Butanizer Reflux Drum and De-Butanizer Reboiler
  • One (1) Common Stabilizer Fractionation Process Skid, including Stabilizer Feed Drum and Stabilizer Reboiler
  • One (1) Common Stabilizer OH Compressor
  • Shipped loose and mounted off-skid:
    • Gas/Gas Heat Exchangers
    • Gas/Liquid Heat Exchangers
    • Horizontal LTS Vessel
    • De-Ethanizer Tower
    • De-Butanizer Tower
    • Stabilizer Tower
    • Propane Condensers
    • CLOW Cooler
    • Combined De-Butanizer Reflux Condenser/De-Butanizer Tower Product Cooler
    • C5+ Product Cooler

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