200 MMSCFD Process Island

Compression & Process

After providing equipment for the first two phases, our client trusted Startec to design an optimized expansion of their third phase. Given our strong working relationship, Startec was the natural choice to continue being a trusted partner in providing a 200 MMSCFD Process Island. 

Our Everyday Mavericks jumped at the opportunity, creating a design and final product consistent with the previous work completed, giving our client the highest standard of quality and appearance throughout the plant. Collaborating with the client’s engineering firm, our team of experts delivered on our promise; simplicity of engineering coordination, cost certainty, and speed of delivery. In fact, our equipment was among the first set, and our racks were the first on site. Reducing piping interfaces with balance-of-plant to 17 connections at two locations versus 132 connections at 16 connections is one of many highlighting the innovative ways of Startec.

Project Specs

Racks & Interconnects:

  • Reduced piping interfaces (10 packaged skids, four coolers, one tower, and once feed drum off-skid)
  • Three pipe racks ~7,200 weld-inches and ~64,200lbs
  • Interconnecting piping (1” to 20”) ~7,600 weld-inches
  • Pipe supports and other structural steel ~46,500lb


Refrigeration Island to process 200 mmscfd of natural gas to -38 C, with dehydration and NGL liquids processing. Equipment includes:

  • Gas/gas and gas/liquids exchangers
  • Propane chiller and low temperature separator
  • Ethylene glycol regeneration
  • 2 x 3000 hp propane compressors
  • Propane scrubber, economizer, subcooler, accumulator, and condensers
  • De-ethanizer process skid
  • 2 x 1200 hp de-ethanizer overhead compressor

Stabilizer for 5,000 bbl/d condensate. Equipment includes:

  • Stabilizer process skid
  • Stabilizer feed drum for slug handling capacity
  • 2 x 500 hp stabilizer overhead compressors

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