Refrigeration Plant

Compression & Process

Patterson Creek (75 MMSCFD)

South Grande Prairie, AB

Startec worked on process design as an integrated team with the engineering company from inception. The project was executed on a target price cost-plus model and delivered on time, within 4% of the original target price.

Basic Description of Equipment Provided
  • One (1) Process Skid includes De-Ethanizer Reboiler and tower, Gas Chiller, Subcooler and Glycol Regenerator with pumps and filters.
  • One (1) Refrigeration Compression Skid includes two (2) Howden model XRV-204-193, 500hp c/w Oil System, Suction Scrubber, Economizer and Sub-cooler.
  • One (1) OH Compressor Skid included OH Compressor Suction Scrubber and OH Compressor Ariel model JGJ/2
  • Shipped loose and mounted off-skid:
    • Two (2) Gas-Gas heat exchanger bundle
    • One (1) Gas-Liquid heat exchanger
    • One (1) 72” ID X 360” S/S Low-Temperature Separator
    • One (1) 48” ID X 360” S/S Propane Accumulator
    • One (1) C3+ Product Air Cooler
    • One (1) Propane Condenser/CLOW Air Cooler

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