Gas Processing Facility - 160 MMSCFD MRU

Compression & Process

Challenging ourselves to find a better way, Startec was able to provide a much larger mechanical refrigeration unit than the previous phase. This was achieved while still maintaining the client's approved major equipment manufacturers, even though the first phase was built by another packager. With delivery required before spring break up, our team worked collaboratively with the EPC to find a solution that ensured deliverables were met and units successfully shipped out to the site on time. 


160 MMSCFD Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Plant consisting of:

  • One (1) Process / Ethylene Glycol Regen Skid c/w Process Gas Chiller, LTS, Flash Tank, Regenerator Reboiler/Surge, Lean/Rich Exchanger, Still Column, Injection Pumps, Filters in a Shop Erected Building.
  • One (1) Refrigeration Compression Skid c/w Common Suction Scrubber and Economizer Vessels and two (2) 600 HP Propane Screw Refrigerant c/w lube oil and cooling system in a Shop Erected Building.
  • Shipped Loose:
    • Full Charge Accumulator 
    • Combined CLOW/ Aerial Condenser Cooler
    • Gas/Gas S&T Heat Exchanger 

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