2,000 hp Centrifugal Air Compressors

Compression & Process

A four-compressor, two-skid project for the commercial phase of our client’s plant, these 2,000 hp integrally geared centrifugal compressors became the perfect solution to our client’s request for a highly reliable machine requiring much less maintenance than traditional solutions.


Initially, the estimated maximum discharge pressure required for the reservoir was 650 PSIG, which is much higher than these types of machines had been designed for. To resolve this, Startec’s team of experts developed a new pinion gear to run on the top of the main bull gear, driving the new fourth stage impeller.


Our Everyday Maverick’s innovative thinking resulted in two 23’ x 53’ skids, each with two (2) 2,000 hp for a total of 8,000 hp of four-stage compression delivering 30 MMSCFD of air from atmospheric pressure, up to 650 PSIG.

Startec packaged these compressors with all the auxiliary equipment required to make this a complete air compression unit meeting our customer’s need for high pressure, high volume airflow to fuel their in-situ process.


Description of Equipment Provided:

  • (4) 100 hp glycol pumps; each able to supply 1,550 USGPM flow required for the air-cooling system;
  • (4) E144-2-44 Aerial Glycol Coolers; each with a duty of 5,874,000 btu/hr and measuring 14’W x 45’L x 12’H with double 34.5 hp fans;
  • (4) Inlet air filtration systems with built-in glycol coil for air preheating;
  • (2) Shell and tube after-coolers; each with a duty of 2,190,000 btu/hr



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