450 hp Rotary Vapour Recovery Compressor Package

Compression & Process

Startec fully designed and fabricated two individual two-stage electric motor-driven rotary vane compressor packages, fully assembled with a shop-erected building. To avoid the use of gearboxes, pillow blocks or belts, Startec provided a direct-drive train system.

Description of Equipment Provided:

  • Ful-Vane models C350LP and C350HP rotary vane compressors, configured for two-stage operation;
  • Ful-Vane force-feed lubrication system(s), c/w instrumentation and reservoir tank;
  • Stage one: (1) Ful-Vane model C350LP ductile iron body rotary vane compressor;
  • Stage two: (1) Ful-Vane model C350HP ductile iron body rotary vane compressor;
  • (1) Hyundai 450 hp @ 720 rpm TEBC, 575/3/60 class 1, group d, division 2 rated;
  • (1) Carbon steel horizontal stage 1 suction scrubber; 42”OD c/w 316L SS mesh pad;
  • (1) Carbon steel vertical stage-two suction scrubber; 24”OD c/w 316L SS mesh pad;
  • (1) Carbon steel vertical discharge scrubber; 18”OD c/w 316L SS mesh pad;
  • Air-X-Changers model 108AEH forced draft cooler c/w electric motor drive cooling fan;
  • On-skid end devices wired to customer-supplied PLC to monitor/control compressor package;
  • Additional devices wired to skid edge junction box for connection to plant SIS;
  • (1) Self-framing building c/w glycol unit heaters and explosion-proof exhaust fans

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