200 hp Liquid Ring Vapour Recovery Package

Compression & Process

Startec’s client needed an innovative solution to remove heavy hydrocarbon vapours off their bitumen storage tanks with varying capacity requirements.

In response, our Everyday Mavericks paved the way to maximum recovery by utilizing liquid ring compressors. With the use of the liquid ring, we were able to provide our clients with a solution that has no contact between rotor impellers and the compression chamber wall but instead, a ring of liquid to form the seal for total control of these types of gases.

Description of Equipment Provided:

  • Two liquid ring pumps in parallel mounted on one (1) 22’-8” W x 50’-0” L skid:
    • Model 2PV71250, 3,550 rpm;
    • 150kW/1,170 rpm motor;
    • Shell and tube pre-condenser;
    • LRVP/Motor structural baseplates (10’ L x 4” W);
    • (1) Horizontal discharge separator tank;
    • (2) Sealant coolers (plate & frame type);
    • (2) Pumps for condensate w/ motor

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