Startec engineers, fabricates, services and retrofits a variety of compression products.

We are proud to be an OEM for Frick, and a packager of Ariel, Howden, and Mycom products - offering standard and custom designs for both gas engine and electric motor drives.

Startec applications include acid gas, refrigeration, boosters, vapor recovery, recycle compression, gas life/EDR, industrial gasses including helium, hydrogen and carbon dioxide as well as overhead compression. Consider increasing the energy efficiency and functionality of your compressor application with a VFD.


Startec offers single and multistage compressors from 100 hp to 4,000+ hp. Our Everyday Mavericks can provide unique solutions to any problem. Contact us today to see how our team can design a better solution for your challenges.


We offer standard rotary screw compressor designs up to 3,000 hp, with fully customizable options and rotary vane solutions designed based on your project’s specific requirements.

Compression Projects