A Custom-Fit Solution and Detailed Plans for Future Builds

Compression & Process

Our client, a mobile provider of CNG with a fleet of compressor trailers, gives customers access to a consistent flow of clean, efficient energy directly to operations across North America.

Innovative solutions, close collaboration, and precise fabrication go hand-in-hand. Our client came to Startec with a pre-engineered and drafted design for their mobile natural gas compressor unit and needed our Everyday Mavericks’ expertise to fabricate, assemble, and trailerize the unit.


Through the fabrication process, Startec was relied upon to review the provided design, ensuring the units comply with the latest standards across North America, and conveying learnings to the client for integration into their base designs. Now that our client has an updated design, future builds of these units will include all the fine details for the process to proceed with maximum efficiency. Startec's extensive fabrication and Q.A./Q.C. experience provided the client with a purpose-fit package, completed with no loose ends. 


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