4,600 bbl/day Condensate Stabilizer Package

Compression & Process

Regularly having problems with an existing plants’ stabilizer, our client made Startec their partner of choice when they decided to expand their facility and solve a few legacy problems so they could reach full production capacity. 

This 4,600 bbl/day package includes an on-skid tower with the upper-section shipped separately and connected above the building roof to the tower-mating flange and downcomers so the completed building could be shipped without fieldwork required. Startec supplied a large off-skid feed drum to accommodate variations in production since the client has significant pipeline slugs to manage. Along with the main skid and feed drum, Startec designed and provided a condensate product cooler and overhead gas compressors.  

Having the ability to troubleshoot, design, and fabricate a solution was a great advantage and practical solution for our customer in cost, schedule and installation.

Basic Description of Equipment Provided:

Shell and tube inlet preheat exchanger, BEU type, 12” OD with a duty of 3.16 MMBTU/hr
Stabilizer feed drum c/w boot and dome, 10’ ID x 36’ LG
Shell and tube feed/bottoms exchanger, BFU type, 10” OD with a duty of 1.32 MMBTU/hr
Stabilizer tower c/w bubble trays, 30” ID x 55’ S/S
Shell and tube reboiler, BKU type, 14” OD/33” ID with a duty of 3.18 MMBTU/hr
Alfa Laval Aerial Cooler with 25 hp motor for cooling condensate product, with a duty of 1.68 MMBTU/hr
Self-framing building with unit heaters and explosion-proof exhaust fans

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