Livestock Water Recycling Units

Compression & Process

Our client, who specializes in nutrient recovery from bioliquids, is helping livestock farmers increase efficiencies and reduce expenses while becoming more environmentally sustainable. Their unique system cleans and recycles livestock bioliquids into potable water and biomaterial that can be used as either fertilizer or renewable feedstock for clean natural gas production.


Experiencing significant demand for their innovative, market-leading system, our client sought a trusted partner to help with the fabrication and assembly of their proprietary equipment. They came to Startec facing not only the challenge of rapidly scaling production, but also the challenge of finding the proper supply chain and logistics expertise necessary for seamless customer order fulfillment as their products ship across the continent. To date, this partnership has resulted in our client being able to successfully meet its growing demand, fulfilling orders both domestically and internationally without simultaneously having to scale all facets of its internal organization. That’s what strong partnerships can do.



Our Everyday Mavericks are excited to have the opportunity to support this local innovative company develop sustainable solutions for energy transformation. 


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